Student Responsibilities:

At the student's first lesson, goals will be discussed and set by the teacher. Student will be reevaluated every two to four months and new goals will be set. If student demonstrates rapid progress, these assessment times will happen more frequently.

Student is required to come to their lesson on time with all of his/her lesson material. Assigned homework must be prepared to the best of their ability. If material is unprepared, teacher has the right to excuse the student from his/her lesson.

Parents/Student are responsible for buying required lesson material. This may include etude books, duet books, and solo repertoire. A $1 per page fee will be charged if the teacher has to make any copies for the student.

Please bring a manuscript/staff paper notebook, designated flute folder/binder, and a music bag to carry your material in. Bags that are large enough to put both your instrument and lesson material in are highly recommended.

Student's flute should be in proper working condition. Please make any and all necessary repairs if needed. Teacher will be more than happy to recommend a flute repairman.

Students are highly recommended to practice each and every day. The length of daily practice time coincides with the length of their lesson time. 1/2 hour lesson = 30 minutes of daily practice. 1 hour lesson = 60 minutes of daily practice. Practice time may be broken up throughout the day. If the student is not practicing, they may be asked to discontinue lessons with the teacher.

Scheduling and Cancellation:

Teacher requires a 24-hour advance cancellation notice. This includes illness, extra curricular activities, etc. Student's weekly assigned time is reserved for him/her. With enough notice, teacher may be able to find another student to fill in cancelled spot and lesson will be promptly made up.

Failure to cancel on time will result in full payment for that lesson and no make up lesson will be given. If the teacher has to cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson, the cancelled lesson will be credited and rescheduled as soon as possible.

If the student wishes to discontinue lessons, parents must notify the teacher at least one month prior. If student abruptly stops lessons, an entire month of lessons will be owed.

Parents are welcome to wait in the car or come inside during the lesson. If parent becomes too distracting to the student, parent will kindly be asked to wait outside.

Teacher is not a babysitter. Parents must arrive on time to drop off and pick up student. Teacher will charge extra if the student stays longer than 10 minutes over the agreed time. If student is 15 minutes late to a lesson, lesson will be marked as missed and not refunded. Teacher will make every effort keep the lesson on time.


1/2 hour lesson = $30
45 minute lesson = $45
1 hour lesson = $60

Payments are due at the first lesson of the month, and can be made by cash or check.

Late payments will be assessed a $10 late fee.

Invoices are available upon request.

As of January 1, 2015, lesson fees will be raised by $5.

If you are facing a temporary financial hardship, please contact the teacher. For those who qualify, a special scholarship rate may be available.

Performance Opportunities:

Students will participate in two recitals each year. One in the Fall and one in the Spring. Teacher will provide the venue and accompanist. Parents/Students will be responsible for the accompanist fees, plus a $10 fee for additional recital costs.

Students are encouraged to participate in the MTAC Certificate of Merit exam each Spring. There is a required fee paid directly to MTAC to take the exam. Teacher will collect student fees and mail them in together at once. Additional lessons may be necessary to help prepare for the theory portion of the exam. To find out more information, please visit:

Students are encouraged to audition for local honor bands and orchestras. These honor groups include the SCSBOA All-Southern Honor Groups and the CBDA All-State Honor Groups. To find out more information about these opportunities, please visit and Student’s band or orchestra teacher is required to be an active member of these associations for the student to particpate.

Students are encouraged to perform or audit flute master classes by local and visiting guest artists. Teacher will be responsible for notifying parents and students of these classes.

Students are encouraged to perform at local Solo and Ensemble Festivals. These are often held in the Spring throughout the school districts. Local, State, and National Flute Competitions are also available to participate in.